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Common Mistakes Graphic Designers Make

Common Mistakes Graphic Designers Make
August 30, 2021 / by admin in Uncategorized

It’s easy to get lost in the field of creativity as a designer. After all, that’s what you are meant to do. However, just like every profession, graphic design has its own set of rules that need to be kept in mind when exploring a new project. Let’s go over three points so we can get a basic understanding of the common mistakes a graphic designer makes when starting.

  • Too many fonts:
    • As fun as it is to play around with different kinds of fonts, keeping your font selections limited, is crucial. If you see a logo that contains multiple fonts, it’s hard to read and understand. With a single font, your message is much more clear and effective to the audience. Also, keep in mind the kerning of your fonts, this means the spacing between the letters, which makes a big difference in the finished product of your artwork. Adjusting the space between letters can make the words more legible and help the overall appearance of the words.
  • Not proofreading:
    • Make sure you are always checking over the spelling and grammar before sending a piece to print or hitting send on an email. While a misused comma or other punctuation marks may not seem like a major problem, there are plenty of people out there that will notice common issues like that, and ignore the rest of the project. For example, if you are distributing leaflets as part of your ad campaign, and if the leaflet design has many spelling mistakes in the text, it will backfire. 
  • Too many colours:
    • Just like using too many fonts, you should avoid using too many colours. It can be distracting to use too many bold colours in one piece. In the example above, the bright colours on the right side make the logo appear less clear and harder to read than the logo on the left that uses contrasting colours. So when creating new branding for your company or new artwork, it’s important to start by creating a colour palette. Each colour palette you create should include both primary colours and secondary colours.

These are just a couple (but very important) things to keep in mind as a graphic designer. This is the first and the more you work on it, the faster you’ll understand just why it’s important to know these things. 


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