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How to make your graphic design portfolio stand out?

How to make your graphic design portfolio stand out?
September 3, 2021 / by admin in Uncategorized

Making a portfolio isn’t the easiest thing ever. However, it can be an interesting experience if you follow these steps on how to make it stand out better!

  1. Know your audience:

If finding new work opportunities is top of mind, you’ll want to consider including assets like your resume, list of services, case studies, and even a few testimonials. If the goal of your portfolio is to build your brand, then it can be a space to showcase passion projects and let your personality run wild. Understanding who your audience is will help make your portfolio much more intentional and impactful. It’s important to know to whom you’re trying to show this portfolio. 

  1. Incorporate your personal branding:

Standing out in a sea of design talent can be tough. One sure-fire way to make your portfolio that much more memorable is to incorporate your visual branding throughout. This extends beyond your personal logo: keep colors, typography, and visuals consistent and on-brand throughout your whole site. As a designer looking for work, you need to show credibility – the fact that you’re equipped to working in such an environment. 

  1. Display the type of work you want to get hired for:

This is specifically for graphic designers looking for new work opportunities. Before you go uploading every single design project you’ve ever worked on, hit the breaks, and take a moment to critically think about the kind of work you ideally want to get hired for.

4. Conceptualize and display your thought process:

Choose the best designs you’ve ever created and explain your thought process in a story format with pictures or mood boards. A creative and systematic method of describing your thought process will help the viewer better understand your design process. It is recommended that you include three of the best designs.

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